Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wii-nie Roast

A few weeks agoe the American Council for Exercise (ACE) announced their findings for the “Top Fitness Trends for 2010.” While there findings were interesting and hysterical, they we’re not all that surprising.

Among the projected trends is the continued rise of Wii-nie's, that is, the people group that swears that the ridiculous gaming machine is the best thing to happen to the fitness industry since the birth of Chuck Norris. Additionally, 2010 might be the year for Richard Simmons get the spandex out of the moth balls and come out of retirement, because ACE says that people are going to be more involved in group training this year because many people can no longer afford personal training. ACE is again on the cutting edge (sarcasm) in “discovering” that American’s like to work out fast. Maybe this is so we can still have time to swing by burger king on our way to our 14 hour work day, consisting of just a little more physical activity than an turtle frozen to absolute zero (science joke anyone?)

While the previous paragraph was obviously a satire of the ACE findings, there were a few encouraging points taken from the mass survey. First, is the projected increase in “functional movement training.” Functional movement training at its core is training not just to make look like you’re athletic, but training to actually be athletic. This type of training targets specific movements rather than specific muscles, and generally rewards its followers with longevity and injury free living.

The second encouraging piece of information to come out of this article was the projection that the athletic performance industry as well as the personal training industry will continue to learn that degree’s and legitimate certifications are very important. As it is right now, most gyms would rather hire Steroids McGee than a strong, healthy guy with a Master’s in Exercise Physiology. This is outlandish and I hope that ACE is correct in there prediction.

Happy New Year
-Will Hawkins

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