Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Alleviating Ailing Ankles

This is an article written by my good friend Carson Boddicker, of Boddicker Performance, on alleviating ankle pain. The article not only describes how most ankle injuries occur, but it features videos demonstrating corrective exercises. It has been published online at Elite FTS and aswell as his company's website.

Here is the Link

Carson Boddicker is owner of Boddicker Performance, a Flagstaff, Arizona based company with a focus on improving athletic performance using an integrated training model to help each athlete reach an optimal level of competitive preparedness.

-Will Hawkins

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Governator

In 1997 a physiologist from University of Cape Town named Tim Noakes devised the Central Governor Theory. His theory was based in part on a theory devised in 1924 by Archibald Hill who won a Nobel Prize in Physiology for his version of this theory. In its simplest form the theory states that the central nervous system governs all of the bodies systems, maintains homeostasis, and disallows its self from working so hard that irreparable damage is done (1). This applies directly to my previous post GIVE IT 110%, because the “governors” first inclination is to protect the cardio respiratory system. This is why during maximal exertion the body recruits anaerobic energy systems to join the battle to keep the body functioning, without damage to the cardiorespiratory system(2).

Some physiologists have used this theory to convey that 20-30 meter sprints paint a better picture of ability to perform in a 5K than VO2 max does, and that 200-300 meter sprints and plyometrics are a better predictor for 10K performance than VO2 max (3). The model explains this by saying the limiting factor for both aerobic and anaerobic work is the same, muscle contractility. This supports that muscle fiber activation rate is controlled by the CNS and therefore can be slowed down to avoid damage. This theory just reinforces the fact that the human body is by far the most efficient and incredibly designed machine to ever exist.

-Will Hawkins
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